Lid Pocket


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"One of those Instagram items I saw from one of the influencers I follow, and it works exactly how it was shown! So simple, but a great addition to any crock pot -- this should be a staple part for all crock pots. Hopefully this will be included in future products. Would highly recommend."

"The Lid Pocket may be one of the most ingenious inventions of the 21st century for the kitchen." Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"What a great idea! and so useful -- need one for each slow cooker!"

"I brought mine to a church pot luck and the ladies went ballistic! Bought three more to keep at the church."

"Bought them for taking to the race track, as we always put something in the crockpot and until now, never had a good place to put the lid. They work great!"

"This is my 10th one I have bought!! WONDERFUL stocking stuffers Terrific idea.. took several to church too, using one on crock pot now!!!"

"I love my Lid Pocket.  I have one for each slow cooker.  Saves counter space in my small kitchen!"

"So convenient! Great for tailgating and potlucks. You will love it!"

"I hate being at a picnic and your holding your plate now the lid from the crock pot with your other hand. This makes it so easy -- love it. I bought 3-might go back buy more for gifts."

"My husband calls me the "gadget girl." I love gadgets. But this lid holder is a great idea. Everyone who uses a crockpot needs one of these. Can't wait to have a party to put it to good use!!! I have bought them in bulk to give as gifts. And the price is great too!"

"I bought two of these and I am going to purchase another so all my crock-pots will have one. I think they're great."

"I love my lid pocket. I use my crockpot to take hot meals to my son's college soccer games and there was no where to safely place my lid.  Now, I can remove the lid and keep it right with the crockpot on the table."

"I've always wondered if there was something out there like this lid holder. Now I can take my slow cooker to a church potluck & the lid will not be put in the kitchen or under the serving table!"

"My wife loved this little surprise Christmas gadget! Holds lids for just about any size crock pot lid without issue and keeps your counters both clutter free as well as dry! Highly recommend this product to those looking for something a little different!"

"Love this product, and so did everyone else who saw it at the last pot luck. I'll be buying more to give as gifts. The lid sits perfectly inside the pocket exactly the way it shows and no drippy mess on the counter."