Lid Pocket


Will the Lid Pocket fit on my slow cooker?
Lid Pocket fits most slow cookers 2-quart and up; rim size up to .75".  Rim too wide?  Place it UNDER the crock!  Two great options!

What are the main benefits of the Lid Pocket?
Lid Pocket holds your lid so your hands are free to stir, season and plate the food.

Tired of a messy condensation? Lid Pocket has a reservoir that catches the condensation – no more messy drips on your countertop and in your food.

Where is Lid Pocket made?  Lid Pocket is Made in the USA.

What are other ideas for Lid Pocket use?
Your Lid Pockets can also be used for:

I’m looking for slow cooker recipes. Do you have any?
Yes, please check out our Recipes and Blog section at

Will this take up a lot of space in my cabinets for storage?
No, Lid Pocket is designed to store conveniently inside most slow cookers.