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Simply Simple Delicious Turkey Breast – Crock Pot /Slow Cooker



Simply Simple Delicious Turkey Breast – Crock Pot /Slow Cooker Recipe.  Thanksgiving Dinner time!

Can’t cook?  Don’t like to cook?   No problem.  This is probably the very easiest meal you can make – yet the results will be amazing and even impressive!  So moist and delicious!  Thanksgiving Dinner was never easier!


-1 (6 pound) turkey breast (Jennie – O); thawed (I removed plastic wrap)

-1 (1 ounce) envelope dry onion soup mix

Do This:

-       Spray crock pot/slow cooker

-       Place the turkey breast in the crock pot/slow cooker

-       Rub the onion soup mix all over the turkey.

-       Cover and cook on LOW and cook for approximately 6-7 hours.

-       Use meat thermometer  — turkey needs to get to 170 degrees


PREP: 5 mins!

(Want gravy?  Jennie-O includes a gravy packet.  Add water.  Stir.  Voila.)



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