"The Lid Pocket may be one of the most ingenious inventions of the 21st century for the kitchen."
- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Lid Pocket fit on my slow cooker?

Lid Pocket will fit the MAJORITY of slow cookers 3-Qt and up; round and oval
(narrowest part of the crock’s rim should be less than .75″ width).

(Ninja – Lid Pocket does not currently work with this brand.)

What are the main benefits of Lid Pocket?

Lid Pocket holds your lid so your hands are free to stir, season and plate the food.
Tired of a messy counter? Lid Pocket has a reservoir that catches the condensation
from the lid – no more drips everywhere! Lid Pocket will also hold the spoon while
the lid is on the crock.

What are other ideas for Lid Pocket use?

Your Lid Pockets can also be used for:

  • A Hostess Gift!
  • Bridal shower or wedding gift with a slow cooker
  • Gift for your children’s teachers
  • Gift baskets – include Lid Pocket and bean soup kits; or Lid Pocket with cider
    seasonings and ladle
  • Tailgating
  • Picnics
  • Potlucks and Parties

I’m looking for slow cooker recipes. Do you have any?

Yes, please check out our Recipes and Blog section at www.lidpocket.com/blog

Will this take up a lot of space in my cabinets for storage?

No, Lid Pocket is designed to store conveniently inside your slow cooker.