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Slow Cooker Recipe: 16-Bean Soup

16 Bean Soup Recipe for Slow Cookers

Yummy 16 Bean Soup


Got Fiber? Try this 16-Bean Soup slow cooker recipe.

Alecksandra’s version:

–1 bag of soup mix
–1 onion
–1 packet of onion soup mix
–cook on low all day long

I didn’t have any onion soup mix in the house. I made due with what I had in the pantry. Slow Cooker Recipes are very versatile this way:

–1 bag of soup mix (if it comes with a flavor packet, throw it away. The ingredients are scary.)
–1 onion
–3 cloves chopped garlic
–2 t of your favorite spice rub
–can of Italian-style tomatoes
–salt (add the salt at the last minute, a teaspoon at a time, according to taste)

It is up to you how much water you use. I did not measure, but covered the beans completely and filled the 6qt oval crockpot two to three inches from the top. If you want more broth, use more water, if you want it thick and beany, use less.

The Directions:

Add all ingredients to the pot. Cook on low all day. Soup tastes the best the longer you cook it, and it tastes even better the next day.

Used with permission by Stephanie O’Dea, NYT best-selling author of the Make it Fast, Cook it Slow cookbooks and A Year of Slow Cooking; stephanieodea.com



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